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5 reviews
CS-Cart Deal of the day
This cs-cart addon allows you to publish daily deals in your shop. It is the unique opportunity to increase your selling by the effective promotion of ...


5 reviews
Order History
This module allows the store administrators to check all order changes from the admin panel.


5 reviews
Additional Block Settings
This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.


$20.00 $15.00
5 reviews
Categories Export/Import
This module allows to export and import product categories in your store


5 reviews
Pay by Link
Send payment links directly to your customers via email with Pay by Link add-on.

5 reviews
Order Improvements
The add-on allows to display a thumbnail of a product on the order details page and the invoice and create attachments to the orders.


5 reviews
Make your website easy for humans and tough for bots with reCAPTCHA v2


5 reviews
SEO Templates
Optimize metadata for products, categories, pages, and blog posts.

$68.80 $55.40
5 reviews
Mega Menu
Adds new functionality in the standard menu. With display similar to Amazon.


4 reviews
CS-Cart AddThis Connect
CS-Cart AddThis addon allows to integrate AddThis platform capabilities into your CS-Cart store.


4 reviews
Dependent payment methods
CS-Cart add-on to set payment method dependent on Countries, Shipping Methods, Locations