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4 reviews
Product shipping cost
Add-on calculates shipping cost on product page.


4 reviews
Additional Block Settings
This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.


4 reviews
Subscribe Popup
Subscribe Popup is one of the most effective ways of growing your email newsletter subscriber list. The popup is displayed after the customer start to sc...

4 reviews
Product Image Effects
Adds beautiful effects to images in the list of products and other options for their display


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4 reviews
Categories Export/Import
This module allows to export and import product categories in your store


4 reviews
Google Remarketing Tag
With Google Remarketing Tag add-on you can launch remarketing campaigns and reach specific audiences for your CS-Cart store with ease.

4 reviews
Full CKEditor
This module adds full version of the CKEditor


4 reviews
Facebook Pixel
Use Facebook Pixel add-on to track the actions people take on your website across devices and run Facebook advertising campaigns more effectively.


4 reviews
Order Improvements
The add-on allows to display a thumbnail of a product on the order details page and the invoice and create attachments to the orders.

4 reviews
Features In Separate Columns
This module allows to export and import product feature values in separate columns


4 reviews
Make your website easy for humans and tough for bots with reCAPTCHA v2


4 reviews
Notice in the Telegram
You can get notifications about new orders in chat Telegram.