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Latest release date: October 24, 2016

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The most persuasive evidence of high product quality and seller professional competence is positive reviews from customers and their opinions regarding product features. The newest version of the Power Reviews add-on for CS-Cart allows not only placing reviews in the attractive blocks on the store pages but also creating special attributes (parameters) for precise product evaluation and adding images to the reviews. one more important and useful functionality of the module is automatical sending the reminders to customers with built-in leaving a review form inside the e-mail.

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Admin demo


  • Slider has plenty of settings: transaction style, page numeration style, etc.
  • Opportunity to fill the block with reviews automatically, on current object (for example, from the specific category) or to choose reviews manually (ability to change the position of reviews, the handy search system is integrated.
  • Ability to set the minimal rating for reviews to be displayed (rating filter).
  • Ability to display the thumbnail images of commented objects and set up their sizes).
  • Ability to cut object title, content and ability to show the number of the last words.
  • Ability to align column content horizontally and vertically.
  • Ability to show / hide review date, its author, and content.
  • Opportunity to choose the form of ratings: circle, stars, progress bar.
  • Ability to add images to the reviews and display these images on the different pages.(!new)
  • The ability for an administrator to manage images displaying (approve / disapprove them).(!new)
  • Ability to show likes and dislikes.(!new)
  • Automatic generation of XML-file containing product reviews for further export to Google Shopping.(!new)
  • Automatical sending reminders to customers about placing reviews, including changes of the order status.(!new)
  • Extended list of the placeholders to use in the reminder text.(!new)
  • Ability to exclude the same product with different options from the reminder text.(!new)
  • Ability to send the test reminder to check the content.(!new)
  • Built-in form to leave a review directly from the e-mail.(!new)
  • A special link in the bottom page of the reminder to the page with all products from the order to leave a review about them.(!new)
  • Ability to create special parameters (attributes) to evaluate the product in more details.(!new)
  • Ability to create global attributes and apply them to necessary products.(!new)
  • Ability to manage attributes on the product editing page: adding custom attributes, deleting global attributes, changing the order of attributes, etc.(!new)

Note: New features are available for CS-Cart 4.3.x only

Use the free Comments and Reviews Enabler add-on for more comfortabel work with reviews in your store.

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Количество настроек (при этом не сложно в них разобраться)
Возможности самого модуля. Наконец то отзывы можно показать там, где хочется и не просить при этом программиста, и не тратить на это деньги.

Не понравилось.
Нет русского языка. По крайней мере на версии 4.3.6 cs-cart. В админке приходится переключаться на английский.