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Use the best practices to grow your business fast!

Affiliate marketing is a strategy when external websites lead traffic to your website and get a commission from sales of their referrals.

Referral marketing method uses word of mouth to attract new customers to your store. You can motivate them by paying sales commissions or giving bonus points for next purchases. The add-on includes multi-level marketing (MLM) feature where referrals can be paid from recruiting new referrals and sales from their referral links.

Over 100,000 Americans join referral marketing every week. Adapt referral marketing techniques to skyrocket your sales!


Key Features

  • Flexible affiliate plans system with unlimited number of plans.
  • Multi-level marketing with unlimited number of referrals.
  • Ability to create text, graphic and product banners for your affiliate websites.
  • Widget mode for embedding your store in other websites.
  • Ability to create multiple promotions.
  • Full control of commissions and payments.
  • Free video guide and technical support.

What your customers will see

When a new user registers in your store, they can choose to become a customer or an affiliate. If they choose 'Customer', they can get bonus points for next purchases simply by sharing their great shopping experience.

It is a very simple thing to do:

  • Copy the referral link.
  • Send to a friend.
  • Get bonuses for new customers and their purchases.


Your customers will love this feature! The Become a pro affiliate button will entice them to see what will be on the next level where they can get cash.

What the Affiliate will see

The affiliates have all the necessary instruments to grow their business with you. In addition to sharing the referral link they can:

  • Place your banners on their websites.
  • Embed parts of your store directly on their websites (including WordPress blogs).
  • Spread coupons on purchases in your store and get a commission from sales.
  • Enjoy residual income from the sales came from referral links: their own and their referrals.


The banners you can create


How it works

Case 1

Say, you have a customer Lucy who has bought a dress in your store. Her friend Ann, a famous fashion blogger, tells her: “The dress looks gorgeous. Where have you bought it?”. Lucy copies the referral link to your store from her account and sends it to Lucy. When Lucy follows the link and buys something, Ann gets her reward.

Case 2

Lucy likes your products too and joins your affiliate program. She places a banner of your product on her blog. When her followers click on that link and visit your store, the blogger Lucy gets the commission for the clicks. Ann gets her commission too, because she invited Lucy in the program.

What you will see in the Admin area

The Affiliates page


The Affiliate and Referral settings


The Affiliate profile


The Banners page


The Affiliate tiers tree



Try the live demo to explore the Affiliate add-on.

User Guide

Learn more about the add-on in our User Guide.

Check out our video tutorials on add-ons in our YouTube channel.


CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor version


4.5.1 and above

affiliate and referral v4.5.0.x

4.4.1 - 4.4.3

affiliate and referral v4.4.0.x

4.3.1 - 4.3.10

affiliate and referral v4.3.0.x

Need compatibility with another version? Contact us now.


This add-on is developed and published by Simtech Development Ltd., a CS-Cart developer. You are guaranteed a quality add-on supported by future versions.

If you need help, please contact us via our help desk system.

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  • 4.3.7
  • 4.3.8
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  • 4.5.1
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Very good add-on and awesome support from the team as well. Great addition to our website to get more interest in the products we supply. Well done.

На первый взгляд модуль может показаться сложным и замудренным, но через час приходит понимание перспектив благодаря потенциалу модуля Affiliate, который имеет гибкую структуру для настройки под любой вид бизнеса. За первый месяц использования собрали 28 человек, которые активно рекламируют наш интернет-магазин6 используя партнерскую ссылку

Great addon, very useful. Also simtech provided great support. They adapted the addon for the basic theme free of charge for me.

This is a great add-on and it would be nice if on graphic banner admin could set the size of banners manually and on pay per click admin could find out for example how many clicks per day should be paid or calculated base to user and IP.