Release date: March 18, 2016

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The Communication add is the interaction system based on HelpDesk principles. Store administrators, vendor administrators and customers can send messages to each other within Administration panel or My account menu in the storefront.


This system guarantees simplicity, comfort and most important promptness of the dialogues. Your clients can be sure that their messages are sent, received and will be answered soon. You will not miss any messages because of the built-in notification tool that shows the number of unread messages when you log in to the Administration panel.

General Features:

  • an opportunity for administrators, vendors and client to send messages to each other within the Administration panel and My Account menu in the storefront;
  • a built-in notification about unread messages on logging into the Administration panel;
  • an opportunity to send messages from product pages, all vendors page and vendor store pages;
  • an opportunity to place the Send message to the Vendor button as a separate block in any place on the vendor store page;
  • an opportunity to specify the administrator - recepient for all messages (in case there are several administrators for the store or vendor store)
  • the Blacklist functionality (for administrators and vendor administrators only);
  • an opportunity to remove yourself from the recipient lists;
  • an easy and user-friendly message management system;
  • an opportunity to use special ticket types to sort and manage messages;
  • an opportunity to search for the text, number, new ones, status, author, recipient, date and period;
  • an opportunity to use e-mail notification about messages received.

Note #1. In Cs-Cart multi-storefront store the message will be sent to the store administrators, not to the storefront administrator.

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • 4.3.1
  • 4.3.2
  • 4.3.3
  • 4.3.4
  • 4.3.5
  • 4.3.6
  • 4.3.7
  • 4.3.8
  • 4.3.9
  • 4.3.10
  • 4.4.1
  • 4.4.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.5.1
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.6.1
  • 4.6.2
  • English
  • Български
  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • Ελληνικά
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Norsk
  • Polska
  • Română
  • Русский
  • Slovenščina
  • 中文
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