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Unique Product Sku Generator
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Optimize inventory tracking with the CS-Cart Unique Product SKU Generator add-on. Automatically generate unique product codes for efficient management, error prevention, and seamless organization. Streamline your product management today.

Paymob Payment
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Paymob's card payments app provides secure, PCI-compliant  online debit/credit payments with 3DS protection while empowering you with an easy order management and analytical reports  to grow your business.    

Salesforce Connector
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CS-Cart Reward Points Expiry Date
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Modern Categories
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Enhance Your Website's Category Presentation with 'Modern Categories' CS-Cart Add-On. Experience a Contemporary Category Listing Page, Effortlessly Navigable from Any Page, and Compatible with All Devices.

Интеграция с Почтой России
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Регистрация заказов в  otpravka.pochta.ru
Sadad Payment
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Extended Promotion Conditions
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Extended Promotion Condition is a CS-Cart add-on that adds new conditions to cart promotions. These conditions can be used to create more targeted and effective promotional offers, such as buy X get Y deals, new user promotions, one-per-customer deals, max no of redemption of promotion, promotion on selected date, and many more.

Vehicle identification number on checkout page
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A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code used to identify motor vehicles. It serves as a vehicle's fingerprint, providing a comprehensive history of the vehicle's make, model, manufacturer, country of origin, and other important details. VINs are used for various purposes, including vehicle registration, tracking, recalls, and insurance.

Автоматически назначать категории продуктам при определенных условиях
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Расширение для CS-Cart и Multi-Vendor позволяет автоматически распределять товары по категориям.

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Разделите расходы на продвижение между владельцем и продавцом
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Extension to Multi-Vendor allows changing logic of splitting promotion costs between vendors and administrators of Marketplace.

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Follow Up on Unanswered Messages
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