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Organization Structured Data - Schema.org & JSON-LD
Adds Organization & Local Business structured data to your CS-Cart storefronts using Schema.org & JSON-LD.
Orders Blacklist
Orders Blacklist According to your previously banned orders system check new order and possibly mark the order as candidate for blacklist. | Author www....
Orders Advanced
This addon allow admin quick view orders via popup: view information,view products,promotions, view logs, save log orders,..
Orderhive is a multi-channel order and inventory management system which allows sellers to simplify their back-end tasks with the help of powerful features ...
Ordered Product History
This magnificent add-on displays ordered product details in a sleek tabular form on one page at user end.
Order Status Tracker
This add-on allows the customers to quickly and easily check their order status on the order details page in an interactive way. The tracker comes with 3 di...
Order Review Reminder
Send emails to your cliens automatically to receive an order review
Order Referrer Statistics
Push notifications to Android and iOS devices with ease!
Order Referrer
Show order domain referrer + URL on order details and also full reports and conversion rate using referrer domain and URL to better understand your ...
Order Clone
This magnificent extension helps to replicate the order to create a new order.
Order Cancellation
This magnificent extension gives the customers privilege of cancelling their orders.
Option Filters for v4.x
For Options & for Option Combinations
OpenPay BBVA payment gateway
"OpenPay payment gateway" module for CS-Cart allows to accept credit and debit card payments via OpenPay BBVA checkout system. It's a very popular payment s...
Open Graph
Модуль позволяет редактировать Open Graph мета данные для разных объектов
  • Скидка 27%
Ongage API Addon
This addon import CSCart Users, Email Templates, Newsletter to Ongage. Compatibility: This add-on is compatible with C...
One Step Checkout - Simple Layout
A new One Step Checkout addon is released: One Step Checkout - 3 Columns Flat Layout addon . Please feel free to check it out. Have your custom...
One Step Checkout - 3 Columns Flat Layout
One Step Checkout - 3 Columns Flat Layout addon Have your customers complained that the CS-Cart default checkout steps are too many and very comp...
One Click Hide/Show Tabs of Admin and Vendor Panel
Application of Plugin - To Hide Not Required tabs from admin and vendor panel. It is used to make panel clean by hiding tabs that are not used in Regula...
On sale products page
Automatically turn any category into on sale products category
Odoo Bridge (COB)
It offers a simple and efficient way to manage import/update of products and categories to Import of Orders and Partners from Cs-cart to Odoo.
Nova Poshta - Simple Delivery
Модуль помогает автоматизировать работу Вашего интернет-магазина с сервисом доставки Новая Почта Украина, используя его API
NotifyVisitors - Web Push Notifications
Enable Chrome Push Notification, Mozilla Push Notification or Safari Push Notification With Powerful Analytics, Multiple Targeting Rules, Unlimited Notifica...
NotifyVisitors - Notification Management Software
Create notifications and show them to target audience based on multiple filters like location
Notification of Incompleted Orders
Gives the store owner more info about incompleted orders
  • Скидка 28%
NMI Payment Gateway Addon
- This addon accept credit card payments without worrying the Customers Credit Cards Details which are taken care by the NMI. Important: This Gateway...
Nivo Слайдер
Nivo Слайдер для CS-Cart - это слайдшоу из баннеров на главной. Эффектные переходы от баннера к баннеру, адаптивный дизайн и совместисмость с 4 версиями CS-...
Nivo SlideShow
We introduce you a new addition to the slideshow based on the Nivo Slider platform. After version 3.0.x CS-Cart has only one available slideshow effect, t...
Nice Social Buttons for CS-Cart 4.x
Nice Modern Designed Social Buttons for your store
Данный модуль интегрирует платежную систему NextPay. ФЗ-54 без установки кассы
Newsman - Email Marketing
This is the easiest way to connect your Shop with [Newsman](https://www.newsmanapp.com). Generate an API KEY in your [Newsman](https://www.newsmanapp.com)...
News With Images
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
Newest Products from Same Category
Add-on list newest products from same category order by popularity on product details page.
New Carrier for CS-Cart 4.x
Another useful Addon for v4.x is the new Carrier Addon. It was always difficult to import new Carriers in CS-Cart but CS-Cart 4.x made it almost impossible...
  • Скидка 29%
New Arrivals
New Arrivals add-on adds extra functionality to your CS-Cart online store. The available products are listed automatically depending of the release d...
NETS payment
The NETS payment gateway for CS-Car t enables payment from all major International credit cards as well as online direct debit (internet banking payments) ...
Host Personalized and Unique Marketing events on your Website.
Navigation Previous and Next Product
It shows the products of the same category. After hover on button you can see popup with product image, name and price
  • Скидка 27%
MYOB API Import Addon
This addon import CSCart Users, Products, Orders, Invocies to MYOB. Compatibility: This add-on is compatible with CS-Cart ...
Mygate Payment Gateway
MyGate is one of Africa’s largest and fastest growing online payment gateways helping thousands of merchants accept payments online.Mygate virtual accepts a...
MyFatoorah is a flexible and open-source payment gateway built on the CS-Cart e-commerce solution.
Muut - Commenting And Forums Integration
CS-Cart Muut - Commenting And Forums Integration provides real time commenting on various pages like product page, blog page, category page, vendor page etc
Multivendor Seller Ads Management
It Enables the seller to advertise their store & product.
MultiScraper for CS-Cart [Free Trial version]
MultiScraper is the software for automatic bulk product upload from 20+ most famous marketplaces directly into your CS-Cart store We developed this applic...
  • Скидка 11%
Multiple Currency Price Fields Addon
This Addon provides you functionality to add different prices based on currencies - In Cs-cart admin panel, This Addon adds new price fields for every ...
  • Скидка 25%
Multi-Vendor Bridge
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Bridge is designed especially for CS-Cart Multi-vendor systems to allow vendors to manage their mini-store via frontend.
  • Скидка 43%
Multi Variant Bulk Order
Multi Variant Bulk Order provides the functionality to Add the Product in cart as a Bulk using a single add to cart button by selecting quantity according t...
MSG91 SMS Notification
CS-Cart MSG91 SMS Notification is designed for SMS alerts to admin and customer on user registration, new order placement and new shipment creation.
  • Скидка 40%
MSG91 Order SMS Notification
Free Support Easy Integration by you Free Integration by Us 6 Months Free Support
  • Скидка 10%
MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity Per User Group
CS-Cart "Minimum Order Quantity Per User Group" add-on You are selling to Wholesellers and the MOQ is 100 pc and you are also selling to retailers and the ...
Moosend - Customer Tracking, Cart Abandonment, Purchase Reminders and Automated Workflows
Improve your conversion rates with cart abandonment and product recommendations emails with a click of a button. Track website behaviour of all visitors, gh...
Moneris payment
Moneris payment gateway for CS-Cart is developed and integrated according to the documentation provided on The Moneris Solutions Developer Portal. The modul...
Mondido Payment Gateway Addon
Mondido Payments addon allows you to integrate your CS-Cart store with the Mondido pamyent service that is a super easy and flexible payment gateway servi...
Mobile Push Notifications
Push notifications to Android and iOS devices with ease!
Mobile Admin
Плагин позволяет подключить панель управления сайтом через приложение на смартфоне или планшете. Проверяйте и меняйте заказы, изменяйте и создавайте проду...
Mobikwik Wallet
This extension utilizes Mobikwik and provide seamless integration with CS-Cart allowing payments via Mobikwik Wallet system. Just store money and make multi...
Mix Order Quantity Discount
Mix option variants and get bulk discount
Minify HTML
Addon to minify HTML. It use smarty_plugins, hook. It's very small.
Mini Deal per Product
Make an offer in every product with our mini deal Addon. You can now set a price offer which will be active for a certain date and time range, you will b...
Midtrans Payment Method
CS-Cart Midtrans Payment Method add-on integrates Midtrans, an Indonesian Payment system connected to various payment methods with CS-Cart.
Meta Tags SEO Optimizer
Improves SEO of your store. Now you can easily set titles, meta keywords and meta description by creating patterns and assigning them to products, catego...
Messenger Buttons: viber, skype, whatsapp, telegram, facebook messenger for site
   Плагин позволяет устанавливать и использовать кнопки мессенджеров (Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) для общения с посетителями вашег...
Mega Menu Pro
Advanced Responsive CS-Cart Mega Menu Addon
Mega Menu
Расширяет возможности стандартного меню. Имеет вертикальное дерево категорий с контролем курсора (Как у Amazon)
Measures of selling products
Addon to  CS-Cart  and  Multi-Vendor  allows you to set up measures of selling products. For each product you can set selling measure and it will show ...
Measurement Annotation Tool
The CS-cart Measurement Annotation Tool addon is the quickest way to edit images and include product measurement details in a clear easy to view professiona...
Модуль предназначен для расчета стоимости и отправки заказов в систему MEASoft.
Mass Order Status Update
This addon Allows you to Update the Mass Orders Status in a single click.
Mass generation of gift certificates
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows mass generating of gift certificates.
Marketplace Performance Booster
Модуль ускоряет загрузку страниц и снижает нагрузку на сервер с помощью Varnish и ESI.
Marketplace Mangopay Payment Gateway
This impressive add-on is a flawless end-to-end payment solution which integrates a secure and reliable payment gateway with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor store.
Manufacturing time field
Ce plugin vous permet de créer un champ "Temps de fabrication" visible dans la page produit et paramétrable dans le backoffice . Ce champ est visible lorsqu...
Mangopay Payment Gateway
Enables a new payment option at checkout
Make An Offer
This splendid add-on grant users a transparency to negotiate price of their desired product with the store admin.
Maintenance Menu for CS-Cart 4.1.x
Saves time in a few day to day basis admin works.
Mail365 - профессиональный сервис для рассылки электронной почты
Magic Zoom Plus
Lets you zoom into your product images on mouseover and enlarge your images into the entire screen on click.