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The Tips CS-Cart add-on
The Tips
5.0 (2)

CS-Cart add-on that allows customers to pay tips separately from the order cost. Online tipping is a great feature, essential for online food delivery websites. 

The composition of the goods for the online store on CS-Cart
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The module allows you to form groups of related products, completing the order and supplementing it with a list of additional options. When picking, the characteristics and variations of the characteristics of each product are taken into account, which can be changed, forming a unique offer and the composition of the items for the order.

Terms and Conditions
5.0 (2)

Showing terms of using a store, which user has to accept on specifying personal info (email, phone number, etc.).

Telegram web-app
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Tawk Live Chat Icon
No reviews

Add Live Chat to your website 100% Free & Monitor website visitors in real time

Tariff Plans: PRO for Multi-Vendor
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The module automatically changes the privileges of seller administrators when changing the tariff plan. Having connected the tariff plan and user groups in the settings, the seller’s administrators will automatically change the user group when the tariff changes.

TargetSMS: Авторизация по СМС
No reviews

Верификация пользователей на сайте - довольно востребованная функция. С помощью нашего модуля " Авторизация по СМС в CS.CART" Вы можете быстро и просто настроить регистрацию и авторизацию по одноразовому коду из СМС-сообщения в Вашем интернет-магазине, работающем на платформе CS.CART.

TargetSMS: SMS notifications
5.0 (10)

The module "TargetSMS: SMS notifications" is intended for sending SMS text notifications to an administrator and buyers of online store.