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Trusted Shops
CS-Cart "Trusted Shops" add-on is integration of the most popular Rate systems ( ). The badge always visible in the bottom ri...

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Trust Seal and Feedback Feed
Trust seal and validated customer feedback integration.

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Tripple Banner
Another useful CS-Cart Addon for your shop . Set 3 same size banners in one row, easily and quickly without code or css tweeking. ...

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Boost your store's growth with AI-powered email marketing automation

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Transfer categories and products of vendors for Multi-Vendor
Moves the category tree along with all the goods to another seller (Vendor). Fully preserves the structure of the category tree with the entire hierarchy

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Transfer categories and products for CS-Cart
The module is needed to transfer categories of goods to the window of another store. Fully preserves the structure of the category tree with the entire hier...

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Transact PRO payment gateway, Latvia
Transact Pro Payment Gateway (, Latvia)

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Tradepult Connector For CS-Cart This extension integrates CS-Cart with CRM platform

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TrackingMore Parcel Tracking Add-on
Track orders effectively and improve customer’s satisfaction by sending delivery notifications when order status updated. Support USPS, UPS, DHL, Aramex, Ch...

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Tracking link order
Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor expands shipments by possibility of adding waybill numbers with links for each carrier.

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Track Your Store Sales in Facebook Messenger or Telegram Chatbot
Quick and easy access to key metrics: daily, weekly or monthly sales, new customers vs returned, total order numbers per defined period of time, gross total...

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Track Product Changes
Allows you to log & view changes made to the product price, status, description and other properties.

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