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FedEx Shipping Labels add-on
FedEx Shipping Labels
1.0 (1)

FedEx Shipping Labels add-on makes it possible to get and print out the labels right from the CS-Cart backend. This feature is available not only for a CS-Cart store administrator but for every vendor too.

Import from eBay
1.0 (1)

Import product data from your eBay to CS-Cart. All you need is the standard set of correct eBay developer IDs (API, token, Certificate Key, Developer Key).

Super Checkout
5.0 (1)
One step checkout
Category Layout
5.0 (4)

This module allows to tune the look and feel of the category details page

CS-Cart addon Bitpay
5.0 (1)

Connect your store with BitPay payment system

Order Cancellation
5.0 (2)

Order Cancellation : This magnificent extension gives the customers privilege of cancelling their orders. The eligibility of order cancellation is based on product, price of order, time period and status of order.

Multilevel filters add-on for CS-Cart
5.0 (1)
  • Create a tree of dependent filters.
  • Filters will unfold step by step.
Custom Stock Statuses
5.0 (1)

Allows you to create availability statuses for products from the store catalog. The add-on works in two modes: basic and advanced one.

Loyalty Program
3.5 (2)

This module allows you to automatically assign, under certain conditions, users of a group to which discounts and promotions can be distributed

CS-Cart add-ons package with integrations for Ukraine eCommerce
No reviews
Save 65%

Full package of integrations for work in Ukraine with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Staff Notes
5.0 (7)

This module allows to add staff notes to products, categories, users, news and CMS pages

Call Request
No reviews

You will get a call request button, that will be shown on the product detailed page and can be placed anywhere on the storefront.

OptiPic images optimization and WebP convertion
4.9 (25)

Optimize and convert to WebP all the images on the site

Vendor Mobile Application
5.0 (7)
Save 14%

Ecarter Vendor App provides facility to access your CS-Cart vendor panel using mobile, to access your vendor panel  simply you just need to  install Ecarter Vendor App in your mobile devices and you can start managing your vendor panel by login with your vendors user-id and password.

Advanced Search with Filters Block
5.0 (1)

Works with cs-cart blocks system, the Advanced Search with Filters form can be placed at any page

Alternative Checkout Complete Page
No reviews

Replace checkout complete page with a new, more detailed and convenient one. All the needed info is gathered in one place now, and selected shipping address is shown at zoomable Google or Yandex map.

Vertical Menu
5.0 (2)
Vertical Menu
Google Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4)
5.0 (1)

Additional options to configure analytics. Tracking user actions in an online store with the ability to create your own custom events.

CS-Cart add-on extra services
Extra Services
5.0 (2)

This module allows you to create list of additional services (rush delivery, shipping insurance etc.)

Hide Payment and Shipping Methods from Usergroups
5.0 (1)

Hide Payments from specific user groups and administrators. Make payment methods unavailable for vendors.Hide payment and shipping methods from specific user groups.

CS-Cart add-on filter with button
Filters With Button
4.0 (2)

This module allows to select product filters and perform search only after clicking on the special button

Stripe Connect Custom Account
5.0 (1)

Via this add-on CS-Cart platform gets linked with Stripe Managed/ Custom account which will be completely invisible to account holders.

Product Gallery Hover
4.9 (10)

This module allows to change main product image on product details page when the user hovers over the thumbnail

Marketplace Mangopay Payment Gateway
5.0 (1)

This add-on allows store admin to receive payment from users via Mangopay Payment Gateway. It provides the feature of split payment and bank payout generation among multiple vendors.