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Product Questions
5.0 (1)

Additional customizable question and answer section on the product page with the ability to search by its content.

Clone Categories
5.0 (7)

Clone the entire category tree instead of creating it from scratch.

Google Address Autocomplete
5.0 (6)

This addon will speed up the checkout process by filling in the checkout address info automatically. This will save time for your customers and prevent typing errors.

Send notifications with Google Firebase
5.0 (1)
Redirect the user to the store by Marketing Notice
Email Logger / Delayed Emails Sender
5.0 (4)

Speed up page loading during checkout and registration by moving sending of emails into a separate process.

Smartarget Whatsapp - Contact Us
5.0 (3)

Allow customers to contact you using Whatsapp

Extended Orders Info
5.0 (3)
Save 26%

Enable and configure the display of thumbnails of products from the order in a convenient location in the admin panel.

Product options filters
5.0 (3)
  • Convert options to features.
  • Create filters.
Side Promo Banner
5.0 (4)

Adds a side banner to announce promotions and other useful information

Additional Block Settings
5.0 (6)

This module allows to enable blocks for mobile, tablet or desktop devices and enable blocks for specific user groups.

Automatic Cart Recalculate
3.3 (6)

Automatically recalculates the cart's total cost with AJAX, with no need to click the "Recalculate" button. Now you can simply enter the number of products or change options, and all the prices will be recalculated automatically.