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Blocking tabs and parts of page editing
5.0 (6)
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows blocking vendors (in Multi-Vendor version) and storefronts administrators (in Ultimate version) access to certain parts of panel.
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Cs-cart add ons blocks and tabs for categories
Blocks And Tabs For Categories
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This module allows to enable/disable blocks and tabs on product details page for certain categories

Booking and rent
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This addon allows to turn your store or a specified category into a rental or booking system.
Booking Reservation System
2.3 (4)
This magnificent add-on helps user to create and manage appointments/reservations online. The main motive for developing such extension is to organize the reservation systems at CS-Cart end. It is flexible and intuitive to use for various types of online booking services.
Bots ban - addon for CS-Cart
5.0 (1)
  • Block harmful bots.
  • Update the list of bots.
Braintree Payment Gateway
5.0 (1)
This Addon work with checkout for payment in Cs Cart.It will work live as well as Debugging mode. Braintree payment gateway accept cards. No doubt braintree is most easy and most scalable payment gateway of the modern time.
cs-cart addon braintree
Braintree Payments
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Connect your store to Braintree payment system
Brands multiple rows
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This addon will control how you want to display your brands without making them duplicate in different rows

Brands page PRO
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Breadcrumbs Pro
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Show the actual categories path that leads to a product