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Braintree Payment Gateway
ability to accept payment online
Braintree Payments
Connect your store to Braintree payment system
Brand Logo
Show the Brand Logo instead of Brand Text in Product Screen but also on Product Image in Categories List in CS-Cart 4.x You have the standard link to all ...
Breadcrumbs Pro
Show the actual categories path that leads to a product
Brute-force protector
Protect your store from brute-force attack.
BSG SMS/Viber/OMNI notification
A simple and easy to use module is designed for SMS / Viber / Omni-notifications of administrators and online store users.
Bulk add to cart
This CS-Cart Addon adds the "Multiple add to cart" button to the product list page that allows you to add several products to cart by one click. Great solut...
Bulk Delete
This magnificent add-on helps site owner to allow the bulk deletion of Product Features, Filters and Options.
Business proposals
Allows to generate business proposals as a PDF file and send it by email to the potential customers.
Button for scrolling to the top
Button for scrolling  to the top of the page.
Button Up
A very simple module "Button Up".
Buy in 1 click
Order products by clicking one button. Name and Phone required only.