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Knowledge Base
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Сreate knowledge bases for staff in the admin panel. Instructions, regulations, explanations, answers to frequently asked questions, links to any sources.
Booking and rent
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This addon allows to turn your store or a specified category into a rental or booking system.
Cs-Cart Advanced Product Tag With Filter
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Let customers export information about vendors products
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Extension to Multi-Vendor allows exporting information about vendors products to CSV file.

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Yandex SmartCaptcha
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Tamara payment gateway
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Introducing our CS-Cart Tamara Payment Gateway add-On, a powerful solution that integrates the Tamara payment gateway into your CS-Cart website's payment setup. It enhances security and reliability, offering your customers a smooth payment experience through Tamara's advanced payment infrastructure.
CS-Cart Coupon Bar
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Save 13%
Revolut payment gateway
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Integration with one of the most popular payment systems in Europe.

Web To Print
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This allows the customer to design their products with ease and gives them the freedom to put up any design of their liking. 
Default Images For Products in Different Categories
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Solve the problem of products without images. Allows you to upload its own image for each product category, which will be used for products for which this category is the main one, if the product does not have its own images loaded when it was created.
Payments via
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Save 34%
Allows you to add a payment method using the universal payment acceptance system in Uzbekistan