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Product stickers (new version)
4.6 (11)

Helps to attract the existing and new visitors to necessary products and even categories by adding labels with call-to-action text. In addition to this functionality an admin can set auto stickers On sale, New arrivals, Coming soon, etc. and even set an expiration date for each sticker. The add-on is easy to use, just upload your images, choose the label's position and wait for the result. Moreover, not only one but several labels can be attached to any product.

Share products in social networks
4.8 (9)

Let your customers share products & pages with their friends on 20 popular social networks

Systemize your menu categories
4.3 (8)
A great solution to handle navigation on smaller screens. Keep the design clean and functional
Quick Authentication via Social Networks
4.6 (9)
Allow customers to log in using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter accounts.
Blocks Animation
5.0 (6)

Make your website dynamic with a set of amazing animation effects

Sticky Menu of your storefront
5.0 (7)

Make your menu or any element you choose stay visible at the top of the screen while scrolling

Mark your liked products
4.8 (4)
Show the most popular products!
SMS Notifications PRO
5.0 (14)
This addon helps to create rich SMS notifications in your store. Payment links, tracking numbers and reward points.
Motivate purchases with social approval of the product
4.5 (16)
Show proof that your store is a popular venue
SMS services
No reviews
This module is an extension for interacting with SMS services via API. It works in conjunction with our other SMS modules.
Free Shipping Notifier
3.6 (11)
Adds a free shipping notification and a special block with the info about the product's cost to be added to the cart to get free shipping.
User location IP-address
4.4 (5)

Improve the user experience and transform your website to suit the local customer with a professional solution IP Geolocation add-on.

Customer refund rate and order history on the order page in the admin area
5.0 (10)
This addon adds list of last customer orders and number of orders on the order details page.
Loyalty Program for your regular clients
4.5 (8)
Reward customers who make purchases frequently
Full page CACHE addon for CS-CART + HTML minify
4.9 (41)
Save 29%
  • Makes your store faster.
  • Improves the SEO ranking of the site.
  • Increases conversion.
Quick shipment estimation for clients
5.0 (14)

Display a shipping fee estimation block on the product page so that the user or customer can check/find out the shipping fee.

Address Autocomplete by Google
4.4 (7)
Help your customers proceed checkout hassle-free by offering them an address autocomplete
XML & CSV reports
4.8 (9)
Upload product database automatically
Dynamic Storefront Design with Parallax Effect
5.0 (3)

Create an animated depth effect

Vendor Page Pro
5.0 (11)

Show products on vendor page and more

Promotions - discount on products of vendors
5.0 (11)
Extenstion to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus and Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows creating promotions with vendor conditions. Add-on also allows vendors to create their own promotions.
If you're looking to buy this add-on in subscription form, is it available here: Subscription add-on
Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount
Share Payment Links with your Clients
4.7 (15)
Send payment links directly to your customers via email
Sell your products in bundles
4.4 (7)
Create a collection of products that are sold as a unit