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Etsy Connector
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With the help of Etsy Connector, you can manage your products and orders of Etsy via CS-Cart backend. You can also export and update the product on Etsy via CS-Cart admin panel just by configuring this simple and effective addon.

Eurobank Payment Gateway
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Integrates the Eurobank Payment Gateway with Cs-Cart

Expired Products Purchase Restriction
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This add-on restricts customers to purchase the expired products from the store.

Export/import reward points
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to export and import user reward points.

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Extended Catalog Mode
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Via CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode, admin can operate the store in catalog mode for specific categories and for rest categories store operates in default operation mode.

Extended Comments And Reviews
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This magnificent add-on allows the users to represent the review tab in a beaut manner more than the traditional display of reviews and comments at cs-cart end. It offers the functionality of recommendation, differentiate critical reviews and individual voting of reviews.

Extended Order List
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CS-Cart Extended Order List add-on expands the basic order details on the order list page itself. This works well in Admin, Vendor, and Customer area

Extended Product Bulk Edit
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Extended Promotion Conditions
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Extended Promotion Condition is a CS-Cart add-on that adds new conditions to cart promotions. These conditions can be used to create more targeted and effective promotional offers, such as buy X get Y deals, new user promotions, one-per-customer deals, max no of redemption of promotion, promotion on selected date, and many more.

Extended social buttons
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Extended Store Locator
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Extended Store Locator : This magnificient add-on will power user’s site with CS-Cart store locator integrated with location management system possessing the best location representing tool.