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Viber Share
Let's Share Your Site Products to Biggest Social Media Viber.

Countdown promotion timer
Allows to display the remaining promotion time in the form of countdown timer on a product/category page. This add-on helps to attracts customers' attention...


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Auto-Assign User Group
Assign the newly registered user to a certain user group.

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Multiple robots.txt
This module allows to use and edit different robots.txt file for each store-front

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Category style
Allows user set Category with style special (masonry, gallery)


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Full Width Blocks
This module allows to add full width blocks (menu, banners, etc)

Animation Effects
Adds animation tweaks to the product image and website footer

Export tags
The module allows you to export tags of products, pages and other things from the Admin panel.

Phone number mask
This add-on allows you to configure the convenient mask and apply it to system fields with the phone type.