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Advanced Customer Order List
CS-Cart Advanced Customer Order List provides beautiful tab view to view the orders at customer end similar to Amazon.


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HiPay Payment Gateway
CS-Cart HiPay Payment Gateway integrates a secure payment gateway HiPay with CS-Cart. HiPay is a single solution for secure online payments.


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Закупочная цена
Модуль "Закупочная цена" для CS-Cart 4 позволяет указать цену закупки товара и рассчитать общую прибыль с каждого заказа и итоговую прибыль по заказам в инт...

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CS-Cart Advanced Vendor List
CS-Cart Advanced Vendor List provides the enhanced view of vendor directory at your storefront ie; vendor names sorted alphabetically.


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Multi-Vendor Bridge
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Bridge is designed especially for CS-Cart Multi-vendor systems to allow vendors to manage their mini-store via frontend.

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AfterPay Payment Gateway (Australia)
Integrates the AfterPay payment system (Australia / New Zealand) into CS-cart.

Authorize.net Payment Gateway
CS-Cart Authorize.net Payment Gateway Simplifies the payment process by integrating a reliable and secure payment gateway

Последние покупки
Модуль Последние покупки позволяет создавать оповещения всех онлайн покупателей о том, что кто-то только что сделал заказ. показывает уведомление о сумме,...

EZ Category Discounts
This addon will allow you to modify Quantity Discounts for products that result from a search. In addition, decimal values are supported for percentages. I....

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Payment Link For Customer
Send a payment link to the customer to complete the payment of the order using splendid add-on CS-Cart Payment Link For Customer.