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Sorting goods by characteristic
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Allows you to sort products in a category according to the selected feature or article. Facilitates the search for the desired product and makes shopping more convenient for customers. quick entry of addresses
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Shows hints when entering an address on the checkout page. Automatically fills in the zip code. Integrated with service
External code for new CommerceML exchange
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Displays the external code (external id) in the product card, including in the variation. Supports export and import.

Multiple root administrators
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Retains root admin rights for the user
CommerceML extension for multivendor
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The add-on allows you to exchange with the site from the platform, and not only on behalf of the vendor. Supports general goods.

Integration with LitRes service
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Flexible integration with the book marketplace. Create your own bookstore..

Payments via
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Save 33%
Allows you to add a payment method using the universal payment acceptance system in Uzbekistan
Delivery depending on the location of the goods
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Save 26%
Allows you to limit the delivery based on the availability of goods in certain warehouses
Payment via HUMO and UZCARD
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Addon for payment systems of Uzbekistan HUMO and UZCARD
Delivery Schedule
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Adds a shipping method availability schedule. Allows customers to select a delivery date at checkout.
Purchase price
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Displays net profit for a specific product, order as a whole, for all orders

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