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Lazada Connector
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Insert custom code into store - Subscription
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows adding html of js code to store. In case of multiple storefronts, code can be placed separately for each store.

Moduł płatności Blue Media dla CS-Cart
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Wtyczka Płatności Blue Media dla CS-Cart umożliwia szybkie i bezpieczne przyjmowanie płatności online przez e-sprzedawców korzystających z oprogramowania CS-Cart.

Google One Tap логин
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Ваши клиенты смогут залогиниться действительно за один клик.

Let vendors define their password during registration - subscription
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Addon to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor PLUS, Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows vendor to set up his own password to administration panel. When requesting an account in Marketplace, vendor in special field (added earlier by admin in section "Profile fields") types password to his account.

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tooltip cs cart
Tooltip Advanced
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Advance Tooltip allows users to put text, image and video for each tooltip.