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Currency IP CS-Cart store
Currency IP
No reviews

Shows prices in the currency that the customers use. Ex., customers from UK see prices in pounds and customers from USA see prices in dollars automatically due to their IP.

Currency sync with Belarusian national bank - cs-cart add-on
No reviews

This add-on allows you sync currency rates with the National Bank of Belarus on a daily basis in an automatic mode or at any time in the manual mode.

Custom Audience
No reviews

This add-on helps you to search the target audience of the site and export the client’s data in the csv. file or in the Newsletters.

Cs-Cart add-on custom carriers
Custom Carriers
5.0 (5)

This module allows to add new tracking carriers and disable default ones

Custom Category Block
No reviews
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Custom H1 Header
No reviews

Change the Custom H1 and  Custom title in the breadcrumbs for various entities on the CS-Cart platform without affecting their main names. This will simplify the search for products in the online store and will have a positive effect on the indexing of your site.

Custom H1 header PRO
No reviews

Get custom H1 header without any renaming

Custom H1 Tags
4.8 (10)

This add-on allows to add H1 tags different from names and titles for products, categories, brands, pages and blog posts

Redirect 404 pages CS-Cart add-on
Custom Redirect
No reviews

CS-Cart "Custom Redirect" add-on automatically redirects customers from the 404 pages to the custom page, that is specified by an administrator. By default, all 404 error pages go to a homepage. The administrator can change the target page in the add-on's settings.

Custom Stock Statuses
5.0 (1)

Allows you to create availability statuses for products from the store catalog. The add-on works in two modes: basic and advanced one.

Customer Activity Log
No reviews

Track all customer actions for further analysis and building effective strategy of working with clients.