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Lowest Price
A must have addon for stores with quantity discount
Mix Order Quantity Discount
Mix option variants and get bulk discount
Wishlist Pro
Email wishlist and show wishlist products block
Sign in/Purchase to Review
Control who can make a review on the site
Dynamic Filters on Search Page
Show dynamic filters based on product search results
Share Order on Facebook
Encourage your customers to showcase their orders
Breadcrumbs Pro
Show the actual categories path that leads to a product
Filter by Options
Filter for options for the very first time available! Now you can have color and size options of all products, as filters in order to help your customers...
Welcome Message for CS-Cart
A nice personalized touch for your CS-Cart Store
Комментарии ВКонтакте
Позволяет добавить блок с виджетом комментариев ВКонтакте на любую страницу магазина в блоке.
Mobile Push Notifications
Push notifications to Android and iOS devices with ease!
Простое управление счетом
Модуль позволяет настраивать не только счета, но и упаковочные листы через редактор WYSIWYG.
CS-Cart European VAT number
CS-Cart Tax Exempt, made simple! How It works? If your customer is from EU (European Union ) and he is representing a company (has a valid EU int...
CS-Cart Quick Order Form
Quick Order Form A must have CS-Cart add-on. Your customers will be able to purchase any of your products simple and fast using this quick ord...
Display Prices including taxes as primary
This add-on will display your product prices including tax as primary price.
Стиль бокового меню категорий
Создает боковое меню, где подкатегории располагаются в виде колонок.Подходит для меню из 3 уровеней вложенности.
  • Скидка 26%
Эффект Смены Изображения при Наведении
CS-Cart модуль "Эффект смены изображения при наведении" меняет изображение товара в каталоге и в блоках при наведении на картинку продукта курсором. Добавля...
External Links for CS-Cart
Display external links with product listings.
Product Code Generator for CS-Cart
Generate custom product codes for your products.
Re-Order Reminders
Remind customers when its time to re-order.
Deal of the day with Alerts
The best marketing tool for e-commerce. Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deal...
Direct Inquiry
Displays a direct product enquiry form on the product details page.