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CS-Coding: SEO
5.0 (1)
Optimizes your store for SEO
Currency exchange rates sync
4.7 (3)
  • Light and easy.
  • No 3rd party services needed.
Currency IP
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Shows prices in the currency that the customers use. Ex., customers from UK see prices in pounds and customers from USA see prices in dollars automatically due to their IP.
Currency sync with Belarusian national bank - cs-cart add-on
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  • Synchronization of exchange rates.
  • Without using cron.
  • Belarus.
Custom Audience
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This add-on helps you to search the target audience of the site and export the client’s data in the csv. file or in the Newsletters.
Custom Carrier
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Cs-Cart add-on custom carriers
Custom Carriers
5.0 (5)
This module allows to add new tracking carriers and disable default ones
Custom Category Block
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