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Web To Print
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This allows the customer to design their products with ease and gives them the freedom to put up any design of their liking. 
Standard photo for vendor goods
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Save 24%
Additional product icon for Multi-Vendor
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The module adds icons and stickers to the product profile, as well as to the catalog page.

Sberbank Credit Payment
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Integrates with Sberbank Credit Payment Gateway. Developed by CS-Coding
Live search and Search history
5.0 (86)
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  • Fast and convenient smart search.
  • Search history.
  • Flexible search settings.
JNE Shipping Method
5.0 (1)
CS-Cart JNE Shipping Method : Now Integrate JNE shipping with CS-Cart and calculate shipping rates in real time for various shipping services.
Full page CACHE addon for CS-CART + HTML minify
4.9 (41)
Save 29%
  • Makes your store faster.
  • Improves the SEO ranking of the site.
  • Increases conversion.
Backup in Yandex.Disk
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Save 22%
Allows you to make automatic database backups in Yandex.Disk