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The advantage of this addon is that it does not use Javascript to implement lazy loading, but uses the loading = "lazy" attribute (it was introduced in 2019...
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Help Center for Vendors
The add-on allows you to create a simple help system for sellers (vendors). You will be able to display a welcome message on the seller's (vendor's) page, i...
Blocks And Tabs For Categories
This module allows to enable/disable blocks and tabs on product details page for certain categories
Additional Order Statuses
This module adds new field with additional statuses for orders
Forms History
This module allows to track data sent from forms created by 'Form builder' addon
Customer Purchased Products
This module allows to add block with products purchased by customer and monitor buyers' purchases in the admin panel
Links shortener for cs-cart
Shorten links using your own domain! Create, manage and send short links to your clients and improve your service level. Now you do not need to use thi...
Мокка – оплата авансом
«Мокка – оплата авансом» – это современный способ оплаты, который позволяет покупателям совершать покупку сейчас за секунды а оплачивать за нее потом, по уд...
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Cs-Cart Delivery Boy App
This application gives functionality to the Delivery of   Cs-Cart Stores orders. Delivery boy can accept your store's active orders for delivery if his wor...
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Coupon Roulette (Spin To Win)
For the first 9 buyers 50% discount
Vendor contact information on product card
Extension to Multi-Vendor allows to display links to information about vendor in store.
Extended reward points
Extension of the CS-Cart add-on "Reward points"