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  • Скидка 33%
Salesforce Connector
It is synchronizing with Salesforce to give a new picture to the concept of B2B and B2C.
  • Скидка 50%
SalesforceIQ Connector
SalesforceIQ Connector For CS-Cart to integrate CS-Cart with SalesforceIQ, a CRM platform that makes enterprise-level intelligence affordable.
ScalaPay payment gateway
Scalapay is a payment method that allows customers to buy now and pay by three convenient installments of the same amount, without interest. 
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With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
Scroll Page Back to Top
Scroll Page Back to Top is a FREE CS-Cart add-on to add a custom image button that appears only when users scroll down the page allowing customers to s...
Scroll Pagination
This add-on will load products from next page via AJAX with infinite scrolling
Search Ajax
Addon "search_ajax" is list to display the search results.
Search Ajax Pro
Addon "search_ajax" is list to display the search results.
Search Autocomplete and Suggest Widget by Searchanise
Convert more visitors to customers with fast search and autocomplete widget by Searchanise. Searchanise Autocomplete  enables CS-Cart merchants to...
Search Bar awesome
It will change your search box style to very awesome round corner style, and it will also change background of your search box. basically it is designed f...
Search by filters and features in promotions
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor makes easier searching product during creating promotions.
  • Скидка 38%
Search Meter
WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT When your customer is looking for something in your website and he/she can not find it. And you will not know about it withou...
Search motivation
The addon allows you to output phrases in the search field with the simulation of the human typing, it is possible to manage phrases at the category level +...
Search Orders with any Profile Field
Search Orders with any Profile Field is a practical Addon for a better Order Search in your CS-Cart store Admin. You can now search by any field you have ...
Search Products by Product Code
The search functionality in CS.Cart doesn't search by product_code by default. This add-on adds this functionality to both the backend fronte...
  • Скидка 29%
Searchable - Smart Search Engine for your eshop
A smart search engine for your cart. By using this addon you have a cool dropdown configurable search engine. The Searchable addon can be configured to: ...
  • Скидка 29%
SecurePay DirectPost Payment Method Addon
This add-on provides secure online payment gateway solutions for credit card and direct debit processing. Requirements: You should have ...
Select & Export Products by Date
From now on,you can select and export products by date
Selectbox/Dropdown Filters
Solution for single select filter of certain filters
Seller Invoice
Improve customer experience by CS-Cart Seller Invoice add-on. This impressive add-on allows sellers and admin to attach invoice to the orders.
Seller Plan Contract
This addon allows an admin to create a contract for each seller plan that includes the details of the seller company and various terms and conditions that a...
Seller Vacations
It allows a seller to plan a vacation and inform his customer about the vacations.
send SMS
To install, follow this steps: https://docs.cs-cart.com/lates... Set-up  1. Click the "Manage" button  2. Add your log in info from send SMS...
Send to a Friend
CS-Cart FREE add-on "Send to a Friend" by Hungryweb Send link to friend add-on will create a simple form in a new tab on product details page which...