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Reminder to Re Order for your clients
5.0 (1)

The module will automatically remind customers that the purchased goods are running out and it is time to reorder

Remaining items in the order
3.0 (2)
The module displays the balance of goods inside the order. The manager always knows the exact balances of the ordered goods.
Related products
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Related Colors
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Add the special compact block "Related colors" with links to the products of the same color or to the same products of different colors.

Regular orders
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CS-Cart add-on  referral marketing
Referral Marketing
5.0 (2)
Save 20%

This module allows the store administrators to reward the referrers who invited new customers.

Referral Links and Affiliate Coupons
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Free plan available

Get a clear view of payouts, track stats & manage promos

Refer a friend Marketing Software - InviteReferrals
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Free is the simplest refer a friend software to design and launch customer referral program.

REES46. eCommerce Marketing Automation and Personalization Suite
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Everything an effective eCommerce marketer needs to attract new clients, turn visitors into customers, easily recover abandoned carts, reactivate and retain customers, and gain full control over online store growth.