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Product Tabs Per User Groups
Product Tabs Per User Groups CS-Cart extension allow you to show / hide product tabs depend on user groups.

Automated Transfer from AmeriCommerce to CS-Cart
Automated Transfer from AmeriCommerce to CS-Cart is the easiest way to perform a switch from one platform to another. Even if you are not a programmer...

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Store Opening Hours
Highlight the opening/closing hours of your store timetable automatically.

Accordion Slider
Accordion Slider is an awesome Addon by which you can display slideshow in a very beautiful manner with help of many themes & effects. You can displ...

Zendesk Chat ( formerly Zopim Live Chat )
Talk to your customers in real-time. Live chat is a faster and more personal way for you to engage your customers.


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Ширина блока на всю страницу
Модуль Ширина блока на всю страницу позволяет вам задать цвет или фоновое изображение для блоков вашего Интернет-магазина.

Product History Log
Allows you to log & view changes made to the product price, status, description and other properties.

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EZ Manage Discounts
This addon will allow you to modify Quantity Discounts for products that result from a search. In addition, decimal values are supported for percentages. I....


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Модуль автоматической генерации артикула товара
Модуль автоматически генерирует артикул для товара на базе вашего шаблона

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Facebook Wall Feed
Facebook Wall Feed allows the user to display their feeds or post from facebook pages. It will receive your facebook wall post automatically. You can displa...

Расширенный импорт
CS-Cart модуль "Расширенный импорт" позволяет быстро и качественно сделать импорт из файла поставщика, где поля не совпадают с полями заданными в стандартно...