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2LM Unique Selling Points
Add-on designed to manage unique selling points/propositions, enhancing the presentation of unique characteristics of products/services in your store
Hidden fields in Checkout
A quite useful addon for stores that have retail and Wholesale customers. Gives you the ability to hide the fields related to issuing an invoice and avo...
Taki Blog Pro
Select layout for earch category (Grid / List) BLocks : Categories Menu (has total count posts) Blog newest Blog related DEMO: http://demo2.csca...
Пункты выдачи в карточке товара и списке магазинов
Модуль добавляет способы доставки и выводит пункты выдачи прямо в карточке товара и в списке магазинов.
Product payments options
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set for each product, a list of available payment methods.
izzy Search
This add-on allows you to show dropdown menus when input textbox search : And, this add-on is live search the fastest for cs-cart ! Search for : product...
Вес Заказа
Модуль позволяет показывать вес заказа и товара
Дополнительные Сервисы
Модуль позволяет создавать список дополнительных услуг (например, ускоренная доставка, страховка посылки и т.д.)
Navigation Previous and Next Product
It shows the products of the same category. After hover on button you can see popup with product image, name and price
Accounting redirects to the store vendor (PPC System)
Addon to Multi-Vendor , Multi-Vendor PLUS , Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows you to use PCC (Pay per click) system.
Валюта по IP
CS-Cart модуль “Валюта по IP”  автоматически показывает привычную пользователю валюту, исходя из его IP.
Iyzico Multi-Vendor Payment Gateway
CS-Cart Iyzico Multi-Vendor Payment Gateway effortlessly split payment among vendors and admin. It automatically calculate & split the amount.
Pingdom RUM
Integrates Pingdom Real-User Monitoring feature with one click. Versions: 1.1: Compatible with CS-Cart 4.2.x versions 1.0: Compatible wit...
  • Скидка 21%
Client Oder History
When a customer makes a new order in your store, you can refer to the history of all orders and see how many orders the customer has made in the past. You ...
Добавление характеристики продавцом
Благодаря модулю продавец самостоятельно вносит характеристики и их значения для собственных товаров, поддерживая их в актуальном состоянии.
Taxed Prices for CS-Cart
VATprices is a very useful CS-Cart Addon for all stores that want to show final prices but need to enter clean prices in dashboard., Default prices in CS-C...
Dimensional Weight
Volumetric weight, sometimes called "dim" or dimensional weight, is used when the space a shipment takes may cost more than the shipment's actual weight. ...
Hide Out of Stock Options
Hide out of Stock options, allows you to hide option combinations that are out of stock. Each time an option combination is out of stock (you have to have t...
Delivery Confirmation Request
send delivery confirmation request to users
Скрыть Отсутствующие Варианты
Модуль позволяет показывать только те опции товара, которые есть в наличии
Fortnox CRM
This addon provides functionality to integrate CS-Cart application with Fortnox CRM that is Sweden's foremost online business system. This addon provide c...
The cloud based solution to enable your e-retail business to reach new markets through an enterprise strength multi-channel, multi-language platform
  • Скидка 9%
DPS Payment Express Recurring billing Add-on
Cart Modules created an add-on for Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) to integrate it in your Cs cart store, This Addon adds support for “Direct Payment ...