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CS-Cart addon PWA
Progressive Web App
No reviews
This add-on allows to convert your store to mobile application with PWA technology
Profile Types for Users & Vendors
5.0 (3)
Ability to create several profile types for users and vendors. You can configure a set of profile fields for each profile type.
Products Listing Images
No reviews
Sets on products listing pages images different from images on the product details page.
cs-cart add-on products in newsletter
Products In Newsletters
5.0 (2)

This module allows to show products in newsletters in a grid format

Products cost and order profit
5.0 (5)
Addon allows you to add cost price to your CS-cart store. You can check profit for all orders.
Products color filter
No reviews
  • Convert filter options to colored elements.
  • Customize the display.
CS-Cart addon products by features
Products By Features
5.0 (1)
This module allows to show in blocks products with specific product features
Products Block Positions
No reviews

Adds the ability to set positions for products, which are added in certain block.
Products advertising 
for vendors
5.0 (1)
Save 8%
The module allows marketplaces to generate income not only from order commissions but also from seller advertising.
Production calendar and working time accounting
No reviews
Save 30%
Product views counter
No reviews
  • Product views for today, month, all time.
  • number of items viewed today.
Product Viewers
No reviews
Save 33%

Shows the number of the active viewers
in the current product.