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Product shipping methods - add-on for CS-Cart
This add-on allows toy to control shipping methods for each product or a whole product category.

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Product shipping cost
This add-on allows you to show the delivery methods on the detail product page.

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Product Shipping Cost
This module allows to easily calculate shipping costs of the item right on the product details page

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Product sales history - cs-cart add-on
See a video review on youtube: Product sales history add-on is easy to install and use. It is developed to show infor...

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Product Reviews Page
This CS-Cart module extends the default reviews functionality and adds a separate reviews page for products. Features: separate reviews page for produ...

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Product Review Request
This magnificent extension allows user to send reminder to customers in form of invitation to make a review of the items purchased after a period based on t...

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Product return for Multi-Vendor
The functionality of the module allows you to set the desired values for the categories of goods and services with the output of information on the window. ...

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Product Questions
Mostly customers have many questions or doubts about many products when they go for online shopping.

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Product Questions
Product Questions add-on adds a section of questions and answers to the product page.add-on you will be able to create a fixed panel with quick access bu...

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Product price negotiation
Price negotiation is an extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allowing to perform price negotiation from product card in shop. Administrator can...

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Product Price Calculator
Great solution for business selling custom size products!

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Product payments options
The extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows you to set for each product, a list of available payment methods.

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