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Create a page with all products in store
5.0 (1)

Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows creating a special category, which contains all existing products in store.

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

CS-Cart модуль 'Ozon доставка'
5.0 (1)

Расширьте покрытие региона доставки возможными ПВЗ и постоматами Ozon

Preload web fonts
5.0 (1)
  • Increase page loading speed for users.
  • Increase Lighthouse performance scoring.
Recycle bin of admin panel
5.0 (1)
  • Recover deleted objects easy.
  • Floating recycle bin button.
  • Lost products.
Assign merchants to customers
5.0 (1)
Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows assigning merchant e-mails to customers. Merchant receives all notifications about orders placed by customer.If you're looking to buy this add-on in subscription form, is it available here: Subscription add-onMake purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount
Product questions
5.0 (1)
  • Questions about product.
  • Questions list in profile menu.
  • Public or private questions.
Orders from advertising (what resource is the client from?)
5.0 (1)
  • Orders from Google, Yandex, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Orders from sources with utm_source value.
Customer Search history - Admin Tools
5.0 (1)
Save 94%

Users search history:

Geo-Location Based currency and language
5.0 (1)
Save 14%
Geo-location addon detects users' IP, setting store language and currency.
Extended Sitemap XML
5.0 (1)
Create the best version of your sitemap and get the first lines in the search results.
Robokassa - official add-on for Russia and Kazakhstan
5.0 (1)

Данный модуль интегрирует CS-Cart с платежным шлюзом Robokassa. Позволяет принимать оплату от пользователей России и Казахстана, также разделять платежи между продавцами используя сплитование.

При этом за всех продавцов сам сервис отправит чеки согласно 54ФЗ - решение Робочеки.

Sign-up Pop-up and first order discount
5.0 (1)
Easily add a powerful and professional looking pop-up to your website.