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Address Autocomplete by Google
4.4 (7)

Help your customers proceed checkout hassle-free by offering them an address autocomplete

Category Gallery
5.0 (8)

Make it easy to find the right category from the start

Joint use payments in MVE Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments mode
No reviews

If you install and turn on in MVE add-on "Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments", customers will be able pay for purchases only using vendors payments. But with this add-on vendor can use and provide for customers not only own payments. In this case they will be able to use marketplace payments.

Regular orders
No reviews
Hide product uploading fields
No reviews

This addon will hide information from product uploading fields as per details in full description tab

Facebook Catalog Feed (Facebook Store) + Instagram Feed
5.0 (2)
Save 30%

The plugin makes it possible to create dynamic advertising on Facebook for the promotion of online store products using data feed.

Upload your product data and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory. Edit it whenever you want, so shoppers always see the right information in your ads.

The plugin allows you to create and quickly adjust a large number of advertisements depending on the presence or absence of certain goods in stock (showing only current ads).

Vendor Page Pro
5.0 (11)

Show products on vendor page and more

Mega Menu Pro
5.0 (7)

Advanced Responsive CS-Cart Mega Menu Addon

Selectbox/Dropdown Filters
5.0 (1)

Solution for single select filter of certain filters