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Form manager
Keep and manage all forms submitted by the customers on a separate admin page.
Estimate shipping cost
Estimate shipping cost right from a product details page.
Spy Agent
The information about recently bought products may raise the customer's interest in some product and encourage to buy it.
Table of options
Good contribution to CS-Cart wholesale stores!
Attract more traffic with the Blog add-on!
Cron Jobs
Back-up/optimize database, clear cache, clear stats and more.
Floating blocks
Top menu, Cart contents, Product filters, etc. floating.
Recent reviews
Focus customers attention to the recently reviewed products!
Category share
Module allows to share categories with all their products between any of your online stores within one Ultimate system giving the administrator a great poss...
Order status sms notifications
Keep customers up-to-date about the current order status!
Shipping availability
Adds a shipping availability message on a product details page. It allows customers to know how fast the product will be shipped. Also, administrator can gi...
Vendor sms notification
Specially for Multi-Vendor. Vendors are informed about new orders by sms and about callback requests.