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  • Скидка 26%
PayUMoney Payment Gateway
This Payment Gateway works with checkout for payment in Cs Cart.Admin can easily implement PayUMoney in his/her site and User/Customer can easily make payme...
  • Скидка 26%
Let vendors add their Google location during registration
Extension to Multi-Vendor allows vendor to type his location during registration process.
  • Скидка 34%
Upayments Payment Gateway
UPayments offer an online payment gateway for your CS-Cart Store and app with a plug-and-play developer kit to easily integrate debit and credit card paym...
  • Скидка 25%
Seller Notifications
This addon provides the facility to send notifications to the vendor by admin. Admin can notify multiple vendors at the same time. Admin can send a notifica...
  • Скидка 18%
Support Ticketing System
CS-Cart Support Ticketing System integrates the Ticketing system to your CS-Cart store. This add-on allows to registered users of the store-front to create ...
  • Скидка 25%
Alert Addon
Cs-Cart Alert Addon: Alert addon provides a customized notification view for your cs-cart store as compared to the default view of notification of yo...
  • Скидка 29%
Delivery Cost By Distance
The CS-Cart Delivery Cost by Distance add-on shows the final shipping price according to the distance from the store to the customer's place on the checkout...
  • Скидка 25%
Customer Logs System
This add-on allows you to track customer activity on the admin panel. Admin can see each and every activity of a user on his store. An activity like when ...
  • Скидка 49%
Расширенная интеграция с retailCRM
Полная, двухсторонняя интеграция с retailCRM.
Snap Marketing
Snap is a lease-to-own financing provider that empowers credit-challenged shoppers with the buying power to get what they need now, and then allows them to ...
Limits for vendor's accounting payouts
Extension to Multi-Vendor allows setting up limits of payouts, which vendor can make through built-in accounting system.