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User location IP-address
4.4 (5)
Free plan available

Improve the user experience and transform your website to suit the local customer with a professional solution IP Geolocation add-on.

Address Autocomplete by Google
4.4 (7)

Help your customers proceed checkout hassle-free by offering them an address autocomplete

XML & CSV reports
4.8 (9)

Upload product database automatically

Image Optimization
5.0 (4)

Improves page loading speed of the site, positively affects SEO and saves free server space without decreasing quality of images used for products, variations, blog and other CS-Cart objects.

Power Labels
5.0 (8)

Text and image labels that can be assigned to products or categories manually or automatically via the conditions constructor.

Dynamic Storefront Design with Parallax Effect
5.0 (3)
Free plan available

Create an animated depth effect

Invoice/Packing Slip Constructor
5.0 (4)
Save 51%

Edit invoices and packing lists using drag-and-drop blocks and a powerful visual editor.

Pay with Bonus Points
5.0 (6)

Set the number of points your customers can use

Images gallery
4.8 (5)

Add customizable image galleries to products, blogs, orders, forms, content pages and HTML blocks.

CS-Cart add-on Shop by Brands
Shop by Brands
No reviews

Shop by Brands add-on allows you to create A-Z block on any website page and gives shoppers a possibility to shop by Brands available in a store.

Vendor Page Pro
5.0 (11)

Show products on vendor page and more

Checkout optimisation
5.0 (14)

Improve your order placement: remove notification "Email already used", auto registration for customers.