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Limit Cart Quantity
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Effortlessly manage customer purchases with the CS-Cart Limit Cart Quantity addon. Admins can set minimum and maximum product quantity conditions tailored to different user groups. Customers must adhere to these limits when buying a particular product. The tool offers automatic selection of default values from a list of user groups with quantity specifications. Real-time notifications keep customers informed if their chosen quantity falls outside the set conditions. This addon empowers admins to control purchases effectively, ensuring a personalized and seamless shopping experience for customers.

Logo in SVG
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Allows you to use the logo in SVG format on the site
Prohibition on simultaneous editing of an order
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Collision Prevention.
Notification about user editing an order.
VK add-on clips to the product
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VK add-on clips to the product

Copy translations between languages
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows copying translations from one language to all others in store.

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