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WebP Конвертер
Данный модуль добавляет в CS-Cart поддержку изображений формата WebP. Этот формат разработан компанией Google в 2010 году, использует новейшие алгоритмы сжа...

WEBBANKIR — крупнейший сервис онлайн-кредитования и пионер в области моментальных онлайн-займов в России. Мы выдаем займы 24 часа в сутки 7 дней в неделю.

Web To Print
This add-on is used to create a customized product from admin panel. It provides a unique feature to your CS-Cart store by which a customer can customize ...


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Web Push Notification
This impressive add-on allows admin to send push notification directly to browser. Subscribed user gets pop-up message on device even when he is not active o...

Warehouse Management System
This allows an admin and vendor to add & manage as many warehouse locations as desired. The nearby warehouse will be assigned automatically to the orders ge...


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Wallet System
This addon helps you to Add a built-in wallet system on your store in which Customer/user have a Wallet and whenever they Requests for Refund/Return Product...

Voice Search
This add-on allows your customer to search anything on the website just by speaking on microphone instead of typing keywords manually. Hence, this add-on ha...

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VK Market
VK Market add-on allows you to create and sell products in the largest Russian social media. It exports chosen products from your inventory to VKontakte in ...

View Orders by Company Name
Displays the Company Name in the Backend -> View Orders page along with the Firstname/Lastname on hover