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PayPal SDK checkout
4.5 (2)
  • Easy and fast checkout in 2 clicks.
  • Support PayPal Pay Later service.
EBS Payment Gateway
No reviews

This magnificent extension allows user of site to use EBS payment gateway, India's most popular payment method with CS-Cart.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)
No reviews

With PWA add-on, you can allow the users to add your site to home-screen from the mobile browser. After adding, it acts and feels like an application. This way just by installing and configuring the addon, store admin can launch Progressive Web Application with the support of push notifications.

SEO Meta Tags Generator Pro
No reviews

The SEO Meta Tags Generator module was specially designed to automatically generate all meta tags: Meta Title, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords. It is suitable for multilingual sites and generates unique meta tags for each language.

Customer just Bought
No reviews

Shows the notification to all online customers if someone has just made an order on the store. The notification can be customized.

Custom Audience
No reviews

This add-on helps you to search the target audience of the site and export the client’s data in the csv. file or in the Newsletters.

Seller Plan Contract
1.0 (2)

This addon allows an admin to create a contract for each seller plan that includes the details of the seller company and various terms and conditions that an admin want to add to his contract.

Mega Start Pack
No reviews

Ultimate add-ons bundle to start big and successful project

Promotions - discount on equal amount of products from other category
No reviews

Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendorallows you to create promotion, that will discount products in category, depending on amount of products purchased by customer from other category.

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

Redirect URLs Manager - 301, 302 and 404 SEO optimizer
5.0 (1)

The Redirect URLs Manager is a very simple solution for redirect to different URLs. This is helps your visitors never get to pages that are NOT on your site anymore

Change icon of your cart with nice effects with number of products in cart
Awesome Cart Icon Effect
1.0 (1)
Save 80%

This addon will change your cart icon and its appearance to modern style which is best for latest stores.

The old style of cart is improved by newest style and it looks really awesome to users and they have clear visibility to your store cart icon.

Personal coupon codes add-on for CS-Cart
No reviews
  • Automatic and manual coupon generation.
  • Coupon as a promotion bonus.
  • Setting the duration of each coupon.