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Shipping availability
Adds a shipping availability message on a product details page. It allows customers to know how fast the product will be shipped.

Vendor sms notification
Specially for Multi-Vendor. Vendors are informed about new orders by sms.

Customer notes
Great admin helper. Allows to make admin notes about customers.

Product unit price
Adds extra info below the product price. Price for product unit (piece, kg, square meter, etc)


1 review
Shipping restrictions
Let your customers know forbidden locations for delivery.

Random products
Attract customers attention to your products!

Extended reviews
Product reviews with extended rating and info.

Multiple deals Plus
Great assistant in sales questions. Allows to set the time limited promotions with an attractive countdown timer.

In stock/Out-of-stock alternative statuses
Replace the default In stock/Out-of-stock status with a custom image or message.s on product detail page.

Marketing questions
Helps to collect customers' opinion about your online store.