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Animation Effects of store elements
No reviews

Adds animation tweaks to the product image and website footer

cs-cart addon shipping methods
Shipping Methods Availability
5.0 (1)

This module allows to add availability time for each shipping method for each day of the week

CS-Cart add-on extended suppliers
Extended Suppliers
No reviews

This module allows to track incoming products from different suppliers

View More
No reviews

Replace pagination with the “View more” button

Hot Deals
No reviews
Allows to add a block with timer for promotions
Equal Height Product Blocks
No reviews

The add-on aligns the product blocks height.

Xero Connector
5.0 (1)
Save 50%

Xero Connector module allows you to sync your data from CS-Cart to Xero. The module provides the syncing of customers, products and orders. The customers, products and orders may be synced from CS-Cart to Xero. Admin may also delete the products and order from Xero. Admin may also import customers and products from Xero to CS-Cart.

CS-Cart addon assign user group
Assign User Group On Registration
5.0 (1)

This module allows to assign user group(s) to newly registered customers

CS-Cart addon PDF invoice
PDF Invoice
3.3 (4)

This module adds PDF invoice to the order notification emails for specific order statuses.

Promotion on conditional quantity of products in basket
No reviews

Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allow to set up promotion for some products, depending on other product.

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Promotions - discount on products of vendors - subscription
No reviews
Save 40%

Extension to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus and Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows creating promotions with vendor conditions. Add-on also allows vendors to create their own promotions.

If you're looking to buy this add-on as one time purchase or take a look into add-on reviews, they are available here: One-time purchase add-on

See the full list of our subscription-based add-ons: Full list of subscription add-ons

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

CS-Cart add-on FAQ
No reviews
Save 29%

Adds the "FAQ" tab on a product details page. Creates the convenient and effective way to hold on a dialog with clients.