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Mass Order Status Update
No reviews

This addon Allows you to Update the Mass Orders Status in a single click.

Full edit of product reviews
5.0 (2)

Manage all data of your store reviews.

TikTok pixel
5.0 (3)
Age Verification Popup
5.0 (3)

Age Verification Popup before
browsing the website

Dynamic Categories
5.0 (1)

Simplify the search for the most interesting offers for the client and minimize the work of the vendor in creating them.

SEO meta templates
5.0 (1)
  • Works in Real-time mode.
  • Support for a large number of variables.
  • Functional and easy to use.
Bilateral order exchange with MoySklad
5.0 (1)
МExtended order exchange between MoySklad and CS-Cart. The order status, order composition, payment and delivery methods are transmitted. Works by API.
Phone mask (Google style) formatter and validation
5.0 (3)
  • Phone number verification.
  • Standardization of the entered phone number.
Discount on selected group of products
5.0 (2)

Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows discounting products from selected group, and configuring conditions dependent on this group.

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

Extended My Account Block
No reviews

Configurable view of the My account block. Ability to add new items, configure the block displaying for different user groups, change statuses of items, positions.

SEO analytics PRO for marketplace
No reviews
Save 28%

The module has a more advanced and flexible content management system. In contrast to the usual module "SEO site analysis", it allows you to further analyze the elements of the "blog" and the objects of the "HTML designer Tilda". Added the ability to configure each item (products, categories, etc.) separately, and select special characters from the list that are considered an error.