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CS-Cart Vendor Mobile App
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Separate application for vendors. Now it is not necessary to have desktop/laptops to access your vendor panel.
QuickBooks Online Connector
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QuickBooks Online Connector module allows you to sync your data from CS-Cart to QuickBooks Online. The module provides the syncing of customers, products and orders. The customers, products and orders can be synced from CS-Cart to QuickBooks Online. Admin may also delete the order from QuickBooks Online. Admin may also import customers and products from QuickBooks Online to CS-Cart.

Composition of products for the marketplace
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The module allows you to form groups of related products, completing the order and supplementing it with a list of additional options. When picking, the characteristics and variations of the characteristics of each product are taken into account, which can be changed, forming a unique offer and the composition of the items for the order.

Product quality
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Increases customer confidence by showing the number of sales and the percentage of returns (defective) in the product card.
Shipping method currency
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Choose the currency for each shipping method.
Accounting with vendors
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The owner of the marketplace needs to see the overall picture and understand how much money the vendors owe them and what payments they should make. This module will show you the general picture and balance of the vendors with different filters.

Suggest your price!
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The module allows your customers to offer their own price for your product, and you can specify the available minimum price depending on the purchase price for it.
Smartarget Viber - Contact Us
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Allow customers to contact you using Viber

Currency sync with Belarusian national bank - cs-cart add-on
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  • Synchronization of exchange rates.
  • Without using cron.
  • Belarus.