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Grouped Feature Options for CS-Cart
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Different suppliers may have similar products, the name of the characteristic may also coincide, but the spelling of the value of the variant of the characteristic may differ. The module groups several characterization options into one.

Image gallery for the site and optimisation of the seller's image for CS-Cart
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Adds a photo gallery: to the product card before the description; after the description in the product card; in the product card tab; on the page in front of the main content; on the page after the main content; on the blog pages in front of the main content.

Integration with CardConnect
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows integrating store with quick credit card payment system CardConnect.

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Advanced RMA
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CS-Cart Advanced RMA add-on extends the functionality of default CS-Cart RMA addon to a great extent. Enhance your customer's experience.

Gestpay Payment Gateway
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Integrate a seamless payment gateway, Gestpay with CS-Cart with advanced security via addon CS-Cart Gestpay Payment Gateway.

Additonal info about files to download
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows showing info about files to sell on product list.

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Redirect 404 pages CS-Cart add-on
Custom Redirect
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Add-on automatically redirects customers from the 404 pages to the custom page, that is specified by an administrator. By default, all 404 error pages go to a homepage. The administrator can change the target page in the add-on's settings. Payment Gateway
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CS-Cart Payment Gateway Simplifies the payment process by integrating a reliable and secure payment gateway

Product changes log cs-cart addon
5.0 (2)
  • Select only the fields you need for control.
  • Track product changes.
Additional Block Settings
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Сustomize your store look individually for different user groups. Ability to display the block content on different devices: desktops, tablets, mobiles.
The Tips
5.0 (2)

CS-Cart add-on that allows customers to pay tips separately from the order cost. Online tipping is a great feature, essential for online food delivery websites. 

Currency IP CS-Cart store
Currency IP
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Shows prices in the currency that the customers use. Ex., customers from UK see prices in pounds and customers from USA see prices in dollars automatically due to their IP.