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Wholesale Prices per Product
An add-on for importing wholesale prices per product. In a new tab in each product it is possible to set prices per wholesale group (more than one) and...
Быстрый и умный поиск
Умный поиск с исправлением ошибок и неправильной раскладки. Возможность быстрой фильтрации в результатах поиска!
SMS for customer update
A very useful CS-Cart Addon, so that your customers are informed about the progress of their order by SMS, in addition to the e-mail that CS-Cart already...
Integration with EuroHermes
Integrate your store with new shipping provider!
  • Скидка 50%
EZ License Key Manager [CLONE]
Send automatic followup emails based on products purchased, amount of order, category of purchase, etc. Request reviews, make special offers or generally...
  • Новинка
Два изображения в карточки товара для Multi-Vendor
Изменяет шаблон карточки товара в каталоге, добавляя два независимых изображения.
SafeRoute - агрегатор служб для интернет-магазинов
Модуль синхронизирует работу интернет-магазина с агрегатором служб доставки SafeRoute. SafeRoute это: Более 10 служб доставки в одном сервисе, и их кол...
"Open Graph" Add-on για CS-Cart
Add Open Graph and Twitter Card to products and categories
Открыть ссылку меню в новой вкладке
Добавляет на вкладку элемента меню вариант “Открыть ссылку в новом окне”
Smartarget Line Messenger - Contact Us
Добавляет чат Line Messenger на ваш сайт, увеличивая конверсию сайта.
  • Скидка 29%
EZ Hide Vendor Fields
Send automatic followup emails based on products purchased, amount of order, category of purchase, etc. Request reviews, make special offers or generally...
Validate feature variants created by vendors
Addon to  CS-Cart  and  Multi-Vendor allows numerical validation of product features values for products. If vendor will add a feature variant, which ...
iThink Logistics
iThink Logistics is an AI-based logistics aggregator. We are your one-stop solution for integrating multiple courier platforms over a single dashboard. It i...
Discount on selected group of products
The best addon to create promotions for specific groups of products.
Smartarget - Button Builder
Добавьте кнопку на ваш сайт!
Product Shipping Calculation
The Additional Shipping Calculation on the Product is an add-on that will help you give the visitor the shipping cost of a product, without even putting ...
Images names linked to product names
Addon to Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart allows auto-changing names of images assigned to products, so they will match product SEO.
First Data Global Gateway
First Data Global Gateway module for CS-Cart allows you to process credit card payments in your store thru the First Data service. The module implements onl...
Balance Update to receive Promotion
A new add-on that will be very useful as an Upsell tool in your store basket.   Informs the customer after each addition of products to the cart, for the...
Generate simple sales reports
Add-on to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows generating sales reports basing on categories, products or customer in CSV format.
  • Скидка 8%
Store Import
Upgrade your CS-Cart store to the latest version by importing the database to a new installation.