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Lazy images
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With the help of our add-on images will start downloading only after they become visible on the screen and not in advance. This functionality allows downloading less content during the initial page loading thus speeds up the store and reduces the load on the server.

Lazy Load for Images and Blocks
5.0 (4)
The images and blocks you select will load as you scroll the page. This will have a positive effect on loading speed.
Lazy load of blocks
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The add-on allows you to load the page first, and then load the products on the page.

Lazy loading images
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Improves initial page load performance and experience

Lazy Loading Images
5.0 (3)
  • Optimizes images and frames loading.
  • Improves the SEO rank of website.
5.0 (2)
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Legal Documents for Marketplaces
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Manage the internal document flow of the marketplace: create and publish the agreements that should be signed or accepted by vendors. Documents can be considered approved or declined automatically within a set period of time. It keeps previous versions of the document if any changes made in it as well as a detailed document activity log where vendor actions with the documents are recorded.
Let customers export information about vendors products
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Extension to Multi-Vendor allows exporting information about vendors products to CSV file.

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Let customers fill their cart using CSV/XML files
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Extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows quick filling cart using files in CSV and XML formats.

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Let customers sign for notifications about re-ordering order
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Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows customers signing for special re-order notifications, which allow quickly place order again.Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount
Let vendors define their password during registration
5.0 (4)
Addon to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor PLUS, Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows vendor to set up his own password to administration panel. When requesting an account in Marketplace, vendor in special field (added earlier by admin in section "Profile fields") types password to his account.