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Tamara payment gateway
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 Tamara payment gateway add-on:

  • Introduction of our Tamara Payment Gateway Add-On.

Introducing the Tamara Payment Gateway Add-On, a premier solution designed to revolutionise your payment operations, developed with a keen understanding of industry trends and requirements.

  •   Smooth Integration Process for CS-Cart Stores

You can easily connect your CS-Cart store with Tamara payment gateway with a smooth and convenient integration process.

  • Extensive support for "Buy Now, Pay Later" Functionality

 This add-on brings an innovative "buy now, pay later “ feature from Tamara, allowing your customers to make purchases without upfront payment obligations. This feature not only enhances the shopping experience but also boosts conversions by providing flexible payment options to your customers. 

  • Global Expansion with Permitted Currency Payments

Expanding your business internationally is made easy with the Tamara Payment Gateway Add-On. Customers can easily pay in permitted currencies for purchases made in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia (KSA). This flexibility enables you to cater to a global customer base, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering trust in your brand.

  • Easy Configuration for Business Requirements

The user can easily configure and adjust the settings of the Tamara Payment gateway integration on your CS-Cart website back-end to align with your business requirements, whether in test mode or live mode. 

  • Instant-Payment configuration.

Once the customer finalizes the order, it securely transmits the payment details to Tamara’s platform, facilitating fast and reliable transaction processing. 

  • Trusted Payment Solution for Saudi Arabia and UAE.

It provides a trusted payment solution for businesses in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring secure transactions and reliable payment processing.

  • Emphasis on Reliability, Security, and Customer Experience.

With a strong emphasis on reliability, security, and delivering an exceptional customer experience, your online store can thrive amidst competition and achieve remarkable growth and success.


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Модуль позволяет устанавливать разные отображения списков товаров для мобильных устройств, планшетов и компьютеров

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Модуль интеграции по API с маркетплейсом WB.ru. Автозагрузка отзывов и вопросов.

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