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CS-Coding: SEO
5.0 (1)
Optimizes your store for SEO
Пункты выдачи в карточке товара и списке магазинов
5.0 (2)

Модуль добавляет способы доставки и выводит пункты выдачи прямо в карточке товара и в списке магазинов.

Power SEO
5.0 (3)

Automatic meta-data generation and the processing filter URLs to be more search-engine-friendly.

Smart Image Cropper
5.0 (2)

Bring images in an online store to one standard automatically or manually, using a friendly editor.

Google Rich Snippets Cs-Cart add-on
Google Rich Snippets
5.0 (2)
Save 20%

It displays Rich Snippets for product details pages and regular pages in Google search results.

Real Time notifications add-on
5.0 (5)
  • Notifications without page reloading.
  • Beep and blinking browser tab title.
Referral Links and Affiliate Coupons
No reviews
Get a clear view of payouts, track stats & manage promos
Google Merchant Shopping Feeds
5.0 (4)

This plugin allows you to create dynamic advertising in Google for the promotion of online store products using data feed. 

Upload your product data, and millions of shoppers will see your online merchandise and products in the store. Change it at any time so that customers always see relevant information in your ads

Recommended products image
Recommended products
No reviews
Save 20%

Display products related to the chosen one on the product detailed page in the separate tab.

Vendor Subdomain
4.6 (9)

CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain is an add-on that allows sellers to create a sub-domain for their products on the Multi-Vendor site. Also, the admin can create the sub-domain on behalf of the vendors.

Instagram Feed
5.0 (3)

This add-on allows to show Instagram posts by username or hashtag

Send Analytic Data to Facebook
3.0 (2)
Collect site event data into FB Conversions evading browser data transferring blockers
Notice in the Telegram
5.0 (4)

You can get notifications about new orders in chat Telegram.

Shopify Connector
3.7 (3)

This allows you to connect and integrate Shopify data to your cs-cart store. It allows you to map category and map shipping locations for products. Also a merchant is able to creates various accounts.

Complete Visual Pack
5.0 (3)
Save 46%
Enhanced Filter System
5.0 (1)

Advance the filter system of your store. Use the new templates and options brought by the Enhanced Filters add-on to extend the abilities of your store interface.

Twilio SMS Notification
5.0 (1)

It Allows you to set up administrator SMS order notifications and Customer SMS notification for shipping status, Registration on store, order info and Product low stock SMS notification for Vendor.

Product stickers (text and graphic)
5.0 (9)
Save 17%
Unlimited possibilities for automatic customization of stickers. Support for any image formats.
PMI system for vendors - subscription
No reviews
Save 30%
Creating a PMI system in store - directory of products, from which vendors canf freely take information about products.
Product Questions
5.0 (1)

Additional customizable question and answer section on the product page with the ability to search by its content.

Clone Categories
5.0 (7)

Clone the entire category tree instead of creating it from scratch.

Google Address Autocomplete
5.0 (6)

This addon will speed up the checkout process by filling in the checkout address info automatically. This will save time for your customers and prevent typing errors.

Send notifications with Google Firebase
5.0 (1)
Redirect the user to the store by Marketing Notice