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Экспорт/ импорт категорий
Этот модуль позволяет производить импорт и экспорт категорий товаров


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Coupon Code Tracking
With the Code Coupon Tracking add-on you will be able to easily track which coupons bring you more sales.

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Similar Products by Feature
Show items related by feature on your product pages by using the CS-Cart Similar Products by Feature add-on .


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Buy Product Link
This add-on allows you to add a link to buy a product on a product detail page to speed up the purchase process . Once clicked, the user will be redirected...


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XML & CSV Import
Import files directly from the catalogs of your suppliers with the XML & CSV Import add-on.

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Points and Cash
Set the rules of your points-based loyalty program.


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Order Statistics
Shows the statistics of your customer’s shopping behaviour in your store. See the number of orders, paid orders and reviews on the customer detail page and ...


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Follow Vendor
Let your customers get notifications about the vendor products.

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User Profile Page
Make a customer account more personal and usable.


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Offer your customers pre-defined product kits to increase average order value.