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Power FAQ
4.0 (4)

Ability to post useful info and answers to the most popular user questions in the form of separate pages and blocks.

Offers and Discounts for Customer's Birthday
5.0 (5)
Save 40%

None of your customers will be ignored.

SEO addons (all in one package, 14+ addons)
4.0 (4)
Save 56%

All in one package SEO add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Product Currency
4.6 (7)

Ability to set prices for products in the administration panel in a non-basic currency of the store.

Price History ChartList
No reviews

This CS-Cart Module allows you to add block to the product page that will show last price changes by chartlist.

Integration of TaxJar service
5.0 (3)
Save 40%

Show how much sales tax should be collected at checkout

Size Charts
5.0 (5)

Ability to create and display various size charts on the page of a single product or products of an entire category.

Customer invoices
5.0 (1)
The add-on allows you to issue invoices to buyers. Payment of invoices is made using a special group of products that are available only to specified buyers. The invoice is considered paid when the buyer makes and pays for the order.
Delivery Date for your Clients
4.2 (5)
Save 40%

Create flexible and individual delivery options

Reviews with videos, Q/A
5.0 (8)

Addon adds ability to attach photos to products reviews and make product page much more selling.

Images Lazy Load
5.0 (2)
Performs lazy load for product and banner images. Developed by CS-Coding
User Profile Page
4.9 (7)
Save 40%

Allow customers to make their profiles more individual