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Android Notifications
CS-Cart new user and new order notifications APP for your Android device.

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Animated Blocks
CS-Cart "Animated Blocks" add-on is a special module which allows to add different animation effects to blocks (for example: main content, slider, "On sale"...

( 4.50 / 2 )  
Animation Effects
Add animation to the product image and website footer. Refresh customer experience and increase conversion.

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Announcement Bar
Добавляет в шапку вашего магазина умный баннер. При помощи него вы можете сообщать клиентам о текущих акция, условиях доставки и любую другую важную информа...

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Another presentation quantity discount
Make quantity discounts clearer for your customers and increase your sales!

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Any code
Will allow You to place meta tags, script consultant, or other code of the widget is very simple.

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Apple and Google Pay Payment Gateway
The Braintree Payment add-on allows you to accept credit card and Paypal payments using Braintree in your CS-Cart store.

( 4.80 / 5 )  
Appointments for CS-Cart
Sell and manage events in your store.

( 1.00 / 1 )  
Aramba - is the best Web application to send SMS and e-mail your favorite customers. Arambiy prevents typos in names. Do not send SMS twice. It provides acc...

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Aramex Shipping Method
CS-Cart Aramex Shipping Method allows store Admin/vendor to use Aramex shipment service to deliver products to customers address.

( 5.00 / 1 )  
Ask a Question
Let your visitors ask you about a product, direct from the product's page.

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Ask A Question
Rather than watching potential buyers click away from e-commerce sites and to limit the risk of losing prospective clients we have created “CS-Cart Ask a Qu...

( 3.00 / 1 )